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Check out this amazing video made by . The Hunger Games finally comes out today, but already the movie's been analyzed from every angle: its potentially huge box-office numbers, why Katniss Everdeen is a. New iWatch video showcases bleak future after Zombie Apocalypse Well, this has got to be the best fake Apple product concept video/ post-apocalyptic survival movie I've ever seen. Step inside our gallery to see parody posters from Oblivion Movie Trailer Oblivion Movie Trailer Oblivion Trailer: The Future Looks Bleak For Tom Cruise December 10, 2012 Theater future bleak - | Rugby, Pierce. 7 Ways The Hunger Games's Bleak Future Is Exactly Like All Other. As for me, I liked the movie. Civilization has collapsed. Technology has been forgotten, and History is Hearsay. Bleak is the Future - Zombies infest iconic movie posters. Slangman is the smartest man in the known world. A small town movie theater used to be one of the busiest places in town. Slangman, a travelling salesman of words and relics from the 21st century (like toiletpaper and Twinkies), teams up with a tongueless Scottish warrior. If you love bad cult movies, you'll love Bleak Future Bleak Future. Unfortunately, the last 3-4 minutes of the DVD were scratched so I couldn't enjoy the ending. Bleak Future (1997) - IMDb The end is here. Bleak Future - Trailer - YouTube Bleak Future - Trailer. An artist infuses classic geeky movie posters with zombie flair. Together with the

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